I am a male lover of weather and sports with an aunt who is also a blogger! See her blog here: https://ankhoryou.com/

We both have found blogging as a passion and dont forget to check out her pictures!

Here are some popular questions!

Q: What is the purpose of this blog?

A: The purpose of this blog is to give useful info and advice to people like you! I can pretty much answer all kinds of questions!

Q: What are your favorite topics?

A: I am male if you didnt know and I LOVE weather and meteoroligy! Since I was tiny I have been obsessed with sports including soccer, dodgeball, and football (dont hate on me cause im a patriots fan haha). I also love helping people by giving them advice and Ill be posting all about this later on!

Q: Can I trust you with the CORRECT info?

A: Even though I will post about politics, most of these will not be simple opinions! I usually will post facts and events that have happened. NOT OPINIONS

Thanks and enjoy! 🙂

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