Lets talk YouTube

YouTube is a huge community of video-making people who enjoy making/watching videos. The fact is YouTube is probably 1 of the most used sites in america… that is if Google does not count of course.


Anyways YouTube has for almost 13 years been continuing to deliver content and make people famous just like that! It has gone into the real world and gone further than this.

The only problem is, smaller and smaller video-makers are making money off of something we call ad revenue.

Ad revenue is basically a huge thing in YouTube now. Remember those ads that randomly pop up in the middle of the video? These ad companies pay the youtubers money each month or so to put their ads in the youtubers videos. For years, youtubers whom love this try to hide how much money their actually getting off of you viewing their ad!


So anyways it got to the point where, more than a month ago, around January 15th, YouTube sent an email to all of its youtubers explaining that if the youtuber did not have a set amount of watch time in the past year, they were no longer permitted to using ad revenue. Wow. Harsh.


What does this mean?

Watch Time is how much time in the year someone watched your videos. So its the views for each video times the minutes in that video gives you your watch time for that video! All of the videos watch times combined for that year only, is your yearly watch time, which now has an affect on if or if not you can get money off of a video making site.


YouTube protrays this as “protecting our older, and bigger, youtubers”. Its also legit killing off younger channels. The fact is, this will and has so far, have a huge impact on the community. Only the top YouTubers get to advertise on their videos? Woah.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did and liked it, thank you! I appreciate all of your support guys! Have a good one!



2 thoughts on “Lets talk YouTube

  1. I love youtube to look up old sports moments, or music videos, but I don’t normally get into the whole videographers unless it is my friends. ❤

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    1. YouTube honestly just needs to put their foot down with a lot of things.


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