Wild Weekend: The Olympics, Mcdonalds vs. Dunkin Donuts, and trying a new theme!

Hey guys! I have so much to talk about in this post! I had 3 different posts in mind, and since they would all be relatively short, I decided to put them all into 1 big post! Hope you enjoy!

The Olympics

loved the opening ceremony. So much beautiful colorful partying! I loved watching it and yes I DID try to stay up through all of it but I was cut off by my dad at around 10-10:30. I have been watching it ever since. Me and my brother even made a bobsled course for our lil sisters cars! (We got a bit greedy with racing the cars down it >:)) I forgot to take some pictures before we had to take it down! It looked really cool though.

Either way it was enjoyable to watch the americans win a couple medals. Hopefully over the next 13-15 days, we win more! Go U.S.A.!

Also congrats to KM Suttons friend who helped the US get a medal! GO U.S.A.!

Mcdonalds Vs. Dunkin Donuts!

My very first post on AdviceAgers was a battle post between Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts!  Dunkin ended up taking that battle and now they are back to take on Mcdonalds!

So let me first start off with my wonderful brother who (victory!) did a science experiment using Hot Chocolate temperatures! So (yesssss!) we got to have it afterwards! He automatically took the Dunkin cup (darn it!). I chose the Mcdonalds cup!

In the past Mcdonalds food always tasted warm and full of flavor. They seemed to pile things into their food that made it delish! I love Mcdonalds but the HC was a bit over-sugary. The added sugar just made it less Hot Chocolate and more Hot Sugar.

I had Dunkin Donuts before and it was enjoyable. Very good on a cold winter day. Dunkin tended to cool slower so it is really good if you want one on a cold winters day. Mcdonalds made it less hot and it cools faster. Also there tends to be a little less contents in the Mcdonalds cups.

In all, Dunkin wins this battle by a long shot. I tend to like nice and warm food and Dunkin has coolatas, and really good food!

Congrats to the 2-0 Dunkin!


Trying out a new theme!

I decided to be a little more ambitious and try out some new themes! Im trying to find a theme that fits my blog the best! Dont get me wrong. Dara is a really good theme! But maybe there is a theme out there that is better for my blog!

And my new theme is………



I just found this theme to be a bit more professional than others and I decided this is the next contestant! Goodbye Dara! Hello Shoreditch!

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Hopefully Shoreditch proves to be the theme it wants and in a couple days, ill update you guys on the results! Have an amazing rest of the weekend and a good week! Byeeee!

Extra Message!

Also, thank you to my dear aunt K.M. Sutton for giving me some ideas that helped me write this post and gives me ideas for future posts! Thank you thank you thank you!


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