Snow Day Shoveling!!

A couple days ago, there was a big storm that gave us a lot of snow! Guess what I had to do instead of blogging! Shoveling!

Of course, 2 hours of shoveling in freezing temps, with chapped lips, AND not to mention the sleet coming down more than half the time, it was very tiring. I started by shoveling around the car we currently use. The old car seen in the back of the photos is an old one we barely ever use. (We have not even used it for emergencies! Its that bad!) It was annoying because I had to shovel that area as well while my brother brushed off the snow from the cars and helped with the shoveling. I than cleaned off most of the roofs since that was a must. Yeaaaaa lets just say my mom did not know what she was doing 😛 The long shovel we use for the roofs broke in half when it got hooked to the gutters. (Oh my poor mother haha) Thats how much we got done. Not to mention clearing a path for the garage, which was a train wreck considering I had to do its roof after, and basically ruin the work I got done in 10 minutes.

So yeah I was pretty tired! I hope you all enjoyed the wintery weather we have been getting. Or, if your one of our southern friends, are enjoying the warm weather! (We want that weatherrrrrrrr!) Hope you enjoyed me sharing my struggle with yall! Have a nice weekend!



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