1st Warriors series finished!

Recently, I have finished the 1st warriors series!

It was really fun to read all 6 books. So many secrets were unveiled in this last book: The Darkest Hour. Each book was, in my opinion, better than the last. The series’ that Erin Hunter has completed include The Prophecies Begin (the series I just finished), The New Prophecy (next series on the bucket list :)), Power Of Three, and Omen Of The Stars! There is also a new series out about how the clans came to be called Dawn Of The Clans. So in total, there are 5 series’. Hunter is currently writing and publishing her 6th series: Visions of Shadows! I cant wait! Well I can because I may be getting the 2nd series for my bday. MAYBE. Who knows?!

For now, I have to resort to BOB books. Battle Of the Books, as you may have known before, is a library competition where libraries across each little area in the US battle in a trivia competition for their library’s area. There are usually between 20 and 30 teams. Last year our team got 2nd place! This year our goal is to win it all! We have new members this year, including my brother! Me and him are going to start reading the books and hopefully, we will be successful at the battle in August!

I have started the first BOB book: The Secretkeepers. It is actually decently interesting. I like the whole “mysterious Directions thing” here at the start of the book and im getting very attached. I will have to put Warriors on hold because this 1st book is more than 400 pages by itself. 8 different books of like 400 pages?! Woah. I have MUCH more reading to do :P. Hopefully you are all enjoy whatever your reading at the moment!

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful snowy winter! I have some more thoughts on snow that I would LOVE to share with you guys! Im going to do it in another post and I hope you enjoy that as well! Enjoy your week and ill see you all soon! Byeee!


2 thoughts on “1st Warriors series finished!

  1. Love reading your book reviews! You do an excellent job critiquing books! Reading is so much fun! Good luck with your BOB reads!

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