Josh Mcdaniels declines head coaching job on the Colts at last minute. What this means.

The Patriots have managed to keep Josh Mcdaniels as their offensive coordinator for now. What happened? Colts general manager Chris Ballard said the deal was ready, but a phone call answered Ballard’s question: Is Mcdaniels truly in? Or out. Ever since Mcdaniels left the Head Coach job in Denver to join New England, many people have doubted is maturity, and the 41 year old’s decisions. He left Denver after being only 11-17 in the 2 seasons he had with the Broncos. He became Offensive Coordinator for Head Coach Bill Belichick, and the journey through Patriots country began.

The Colts View

Many Colts fans viewed this as a big mistake. Even some of his former players said he was turning down possibly his only chance of getting a head coaching job… EVER. Is this true? Defensive Coordinator Matt Patricia has announce he IS LEAVING to become Head Coach of the Detroit Lions. In Chris Ballard’s view, they need a Head Coach who is fully committed to making the franchise a better team than it has in its past seasons, and he promises Detroit fans that the team WILL get better, its just a matter of when. Now this puts into account that the Colts now have to find other Head Coaching options. They have more interviews coming up, but as of right now, the Colts are without a Head Coach. Was this a mistake on Mcdaniels side?

What made him stay

Supposedly, the decision to stay came into view when Josh was packing his bags and talking with other Patriots coaches including Belichick. Allegedly, Belichick and his staff talked with Mcdaniels about his future, and according to many sports analysts, THIS is what made him stay. There is also the factor of moving his family. The 41 year old coordinator, according to many sports announcers, would have found it difficult to move his family. Whatever it was, Josh Mcdaniels WILL be the Offensive Coordinator for the Patriots next season.

Head Coaching

According to some Patriots and sports announcers, Josh may or may not take over Belichick’s head coaching job when Bill leaves. Even if Bill and many Pats fans want this, it is ultimately up to Owner Robert Kraft. He for the most part, will be making the ultimate decision on Mcdaniels hiring. Belichick may try to convince him, but Kraft may take into consideration the inexperience in Mcdaniels head coaching skills. He DID head coach the Broncos for 2 seasons, but he went 11-17 as we said earlier. He may be better off staying below a head coaching job. In my opinion, Josh would be fine either way. Yes, the stress and pressure may get to him in his rookie season as the Pats head coach, but after a couple seasons, I think he would be at a near Belichick level. There is no doubt Belichick is one of the greatest head coaches ever to come to the NFL, and he could easily groom Mcdaniels to be another great Patriots head coach. Its all coming down to 3 people: Mcdaniels, Belichick, and Kraft.


Josh Mcdaniels: Offensive Coordinator for the Patriots


Bill Belichick: Head Coach and General Manager for the Patriots


Robert Kraft: Patriots Owner




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