Its time for the hate on the Patriots to stop…

Honesty. Tom Brady is in his 8th superbowl as a New England QB. And ever since he started playing, their have been numerous  excuses that enemy fans use as weapons against the NE franchise. Ill be explaining why Tom Brady does not deserve the hate he and his team gets, and the biggest reasons why fans are skipping to conclusions that the Patriots are horrible.

The G.O.A.T. 

Tom Brady for the past year has owned a new title: The Greatest Of All Time. That title is high in debate. Is Tom Brady the GOAT? Well, I think its truly what happens in this game. 6 rings?! That might just prove it. If they win this game I think that will forever condemn Tom Brady as the GOAT. There is nothing any other fans can do.


Deflategate is a huge war that involves the NFL, The Patriots, The fans, and pretty much everyone involved in the game. In the AFC Championship in Superbowl 49, Tom Brady, whom had no real power to determine this, supposedly deflated the footballs that BOTH teams used. But according to league rules, the person responsible must be punished. 2 seasons later, the NFL finally made up their mind. It took legal court case to determine what would happen. At first the judge said a 7 game suspension was too far a punishment, but than reduced it and gave Brady a 4 game suspension. Pats fans were stunned. The NFL community had, in their minds, set the entire franchise up. The Patriots went to win that season in possibly the greatest ending ever, in the first overtime, and Brady becoming the first QB ever with 5 rings, and, to top it off, they beat the Falcons. Tom Brady seemed like the goat then, but NOPE! One more ring maybe.

Why was Deflategate ridiculous? Firstly, scientists prove Deflategate was most likely fake. It was shown through research that the type of weather that Massachusetts experienced in that game, increased the chance of the footballs losing air when given impact. There! You have the truth! Whats more convincing is that TB was on his way to his 4th Superbowl win. He knew deflating the balls would ruin the season for them. Of course the Colts were crying about it on the internet even though it didnt really matter. It was easier for both teams AND it was a poor performance from the team from Indy. Deflategate wouldnt have had any positive affect on either team, and TB knew that, which was another reason why he would not have done it. So yeah… really still think TB12 is a cheater? Or is it just people are because unlike most QBs, hes actually a very talented dude.

So who is winning tonight? Tell me below in the comment section! Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys! GO PATS!


2 thoughts on “Its time for the hate on the Patriots to stop…

  1. Great post! I hope the Pats win-however I think the Eagles will take it! Hope not -send good vibes to NE!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeaaaa did you see the game? It was honestly heartbreaking aaa lol good game though!


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