Tom Brady’s Final Stand?

Tom Brady for years has been trying to put that title on his name as the GOAT. Is this his last stand? Since 2000 he has been fighting for 1 goal: To be the greatest that ever played.


His first Big Game

Drew Bledsoe was down. He was injured. Tom Brady, the small backup out of Michigan was prepared to bring the Pats through to their first Superbowl victory. Who could have guessed that that was just what he did: Win it all. From the Divisional Round Tuck Rule situation all the way to the 23 yard Superbowl winning field goal, Brady was having massive victories. That won him the starter position of the New England Patriots.


Tom Brady was on his way to the top. He came into the Panthers-Patriots Superbowl 2 years after his first victory, and won it again. How great it had felt for him to win it. And in the best way too! 29-29 before the game winning field goal gives Tom his 2nd 32-29. The question was, did he know what his future would hold? Had Bill Belichick not believed in him all that time, Brady would probably have lost that major job, and the Patriots would have not won 5 Superbowls. Would not have been on top as much. The problem was, there was one catch.

The Kryptonite

Tom Brady lost TWICE to the New York Giants in the SUPERBOWL. 17-14 and 21-17. The Giants somehow beat the team in the big game no one else has. YET. That might just happen this weekend against the Eagles. Brady knows this might be his final game. ‘

The Defense Gives Brady His 4th

In 2014, Tom Brady sat down on the bench, as he watched the Patriots trail 24-14 in the big game. What happened? Russel Wilson and his crew were dominating. It seems every team Brady beats in the big game leads at first, than is suddenly shocked. Well the Seattle Seahawks did just that. BAM. 24-21. Finally, you saw the Patriots lead 28-24, and the Patriots hoping for something incredible at the defensive end. Pass down the middle annnnnd. PICKED OFF! Malcolm Butler intercepts it and WABAM! The Patriots win their 4th ring 🙂

The most recent ring

Last season, in the first overtime, records were broke.

The biggest comeback.

First QB with 5 rings.

And much more. It ended with the Patriots winning.

What does it take?

What does it take for Brady to win again? He went and won 2 straight Superbowls before! Remember 2004-2006? Brady needs his receivers and offensive line more than ever. It should be a game to remember 🙂

I hope you all enjoy Superbowl weekend!



2 thoughts on “Tom Brady’s Final Stand?

  1. Great history lesson and good job with the writing! Go Pats!

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