Surviving Homework

I admit it, I have not been getting enough posts in recently. I literally have been rushing to get all my assignments in and the 3rd quarter of school means less blogging time. But DONT WORRY. Im working out ways to get on more. Also, to add on to that, my school district blocked WordPress off of the school computers (my school is very strict with ads) and therefore, I have to use this slow computer as an alternate. Yes, it stinks, but for now ill have to live with it until I can get WordPress unblocked.

For now my life is homework, out of school events, socializing online, blogging, and school. Thats pretty much it. Yes, I do get outside sometimes because holy cow, I LOVE the outdoors. Especially when its not really getting really hot yet but its cool and breezy. I dont mind breezy as long as its not freezing cold. Wind+Freezing Temperatures is honestly death in the form of weather.

Anything you guys can expect? Well I have been looking at more Random Recipes because those are quick, fun to do, and quite surprisingly popular. Im a very mixed blogger to say the least. Wild Weekend will be honestly heaven if im not doing a ton of homework.

The end of the school year is close. Besides trying to keep my grades up, there is the normal drama going around. Luckily our school is not as stupid and is not really interested in the Tide Pods thing. (Who would want to anyways?)

Besides the whole school situation my life is pretty chill. Hanging out outside and online is as nice as always. Chatting over email is very nice. Soon ill be old enough for social media and maybe just maybe, ill get something like Instagram. But NOT Snapchat because we all know the whole creepy stalker thing that can happen to young people on that. Sadly, the majority of kids my age DO have Snapchat, and a number of them will experience stress due to the events that can happen on there. But anyways, yea.

Ill be writing a Random Recipes post for scones and im sure you will enjoy that. Also, ill be writing another Top 10, and it is the Top 10 Most Illegal Things We Do On a Daily Basis! Hope you all enjoy those when they come out! Cya soon Agers!

(405 words of me chilling with you guys lol)


7 thoughts on “Surviving Homework

  1. Get a VPN for the computer and then you can use it. I start school tomorrow!!

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  2. You’re doing a great job. The homework will settle down again soon!

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  3. Ughh that stinks that WordPress was blocked. Huge hugs. Finding that balance takes a lot of work but you will find it! ❤

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  4. This was fun to read and yes Snapchat should be done away with-too much drama from what I understand -no one needs that.

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    1. Snapchat simply just is not safe. It has a feature which, if you do not disable it, can let people see your location.


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