Wild Weekend: Is Spring finally here?

I know its still late January but it feels like Spring which is a RELIEF! If it stays this way: hallelujah! I honestly just want this sickening winter weather to go away. Its quite annoying actually. Yes, bundling up and going sledding at the nearest mantion´s hills was spectacular, but rather a warm summer than a freezing winter! No thank you!

So what did I do at the start of my weekend? Well firstly, I watched some hilarious YouTube videos because thats what I do nowadays.


I also caught up on my Warriors reading and some interesting things happened in Book 5! Im almost done with that and hang with me, I KNOW I need to start reading the BOB books so you guys can see my reviews, but im honestly literally addicted to Warriors. Its physically painful to put those books away lol.

A Dangerous Path

I also was playing with my lil sister a bit since me and her are basically the same person, but in different bodies. I dont even know why but we look similar, act similar (believe me guys, in all, we do!), and have similar interests. Its kind of weird but also amazing!

I also have a new recipe ready to share with you all when I get the recipe. Hang with me guys because a breakfast burrito recipe is coming soon!


Thats basically all for now! Also remember that 40 followers is coming up! That also means that my 6 part blogging tips posts are coming soon! So do us a favor and hit that follow button to know when I post and what I post about! It not only helps me, it helps you guys enjoy yourselves by reading what I have to offer!

And as always I hope you all have an amazing day/night! No matter who you are, follower or non-follower, reader or non-reader, blogger or non-blogger, I thank you for coming to read my posts and hope you enjoy them! Enjoy yourselves and ill hopefully see you all soon! Bye!


2 thoughts on “Wild Weekend: Is Spring finally here?

  1. I hope so! I am seriously annoyed with Mother nature and ready for Summer! ❤

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