STEM Challenges

I ADORE STEM Challenges. STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Math. STEM Challenges are tasks that, using their minds, they usually have to build something that can do something. Some challenges include making a floating boat, or a car that moves when a fan blows on it.

In our current challenge, we are creating a prototype house model that can withstand hurricane force winds. Our group decided to try to make a dome shaped house since thats the answer Google Images gave us heh heh.


So yeah! Dome shaped houses curve and therefore have reduced impact with the wind. Thats what we came up with of course. So we are now in the process of building it! Hopefully you all enjoyed this little explanation post! If you want to see other STEM Challenges search ¨Stem Challenge¨ through Google Images and you will probably get pretty good photos of different challenges.



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