One-Word: Occur


Something is always occurring. The word occur can be used to describe something happening, or something that came to your mine. Examples include ¨it occurred to me that I need that recipe¨ and ¨the competition is occurring¨. Typically, these are the only 2 meanings for Occur, but it some cases other sources give other definitions.

Everything we write, say, do, feel, is all an occurrence. Even when nothing seems to be occurring something always is. Even sitting still in your chair is an occurrence because its an action to sit down and sit still.

What do you guys think about the word Occur? Does it have any effect on how you speak to each other nowadays? Tell me in the comments the answers to those questions and whether or not you as a person use the word alot! Thanks and enjoy your day!


4 thoughts on “One-Word: Occur

  1. Interesting!

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  2. I love this as a Type A person. Lol. How everything is flowing and constantly in motion or as you said occurring. Great description. ❤


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