The Truth about the Bermuda Triangle

Many of us have heard about many strange things happening in the Bermuda Triangle. The triangle is located from Bermuda to Florida, than to Puerto Rico. This forms a triangle and almost zero ships and/or planes have ever made it through there. Why is this? Well im about to tell you.


The Myth

The Myth is that sea monsters and other creatures thrive in this triangle and destroy all the ships and planes that try to get through. Some believe these ships/planes are attacked by another people. And some believe the devil has something to do with it. However it is determined that none of these is the true answer. Lets see what it is…

The Truth

The truth about the Bermuda Triangle was revealed when scientists looked at maps of the storms and other dangers in that area. What they noticed were 3 major spots. These spots were determined to be shooting massive amounts of air in all directions. It is more powerful of force than any other storm on Earth. When the air is shot out, huge waves can form. No ship can withstand the waves and no plane can withstand the bursts of air. Get it now? The Bermuda Triangle for years has been a thing of legend, but now we know whats causing it. So how are these certain parts of the Earth shooting out so much air?

The Question

The question is: How in the world can these spots shoot so much air. Well scientists believe its a chemical reaction that forces the air inside the spot to basically blow up. The chemical reaction is yet to be discovered since uhhh we cant really get inside those spots hehe. But much more can be learned from this!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and have a wonderful rest of your day!



4 thoughts on “The Truth about the Bermuda Triangle

  1. Interesting!

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  2. I loved reading this! very interesting! ❤

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