Path to Superbowl LII

The AFC and NFC Conference Championships were quite fun to watch.

The Patriots v. Jaguars battle was intense.


The Jaguars led early 20-10. However Tom Brady threw a touchdown pass to Danny Amendola TWICE in the final quarter ending with the final score being 24-20. I did not expect Jacksonville to put up much competition but they did indeed! Aside from that Julian Edelman may be returning for the Superbowl, which would be awesome considering he probably is one of the best Patriots receivers. Some bad news includes the Rob Gronkowski concussion that may or may not last until the Superbowl.


I dont expect him to play in the ProBowl if he is in it or the next week of training. But I do expect him to play in the Superbowl 2 weeks from now.

The Eagles were faced with the Vikings last night and I was not surprised at all with the outcome.


Not only was Stephon Diggs of the Vikings really shaken up all game, but the final score was a Phily domination: 38-7! The defense of the Eagles held down Case Keenum and his crew all game unlike some other defenses that let the Vikings through late in the game, such as the Saints defense. Meanwhile Nick Foles got 5 different touchdowns in the endzone and a field goal ending with a 38-7 win! The Eagles just have one more game to win!

The Superbowl is going to be the big dog Patriots taking on the unusual newcomers to the Superbowl in the Eagles. Nick Foles has not gone to a Superbowl yet, and neither has basically the entire Eagles team. Including their head coach Pedersen. The Eagles have had that curse for awhile now, but it seems Nick Foles might have some tricks to beat the Patriots. The Patriots and Eagles have not played all season, and that might just make the difference. Tom Brady will be expecting a strong defense and therefore can prepare. The Patriots offensive line is going to need to avoid letting those sacks happen, and the receivers will need to be on point. I think whichever team has the most possessions will win this ball game, but who knows?


Superbowl Final Score Prediction: Patriots beat Eagles 28-23

I think that first we should focus on the ProBowl which comes up next week! Than maybe we can talk about the Superbowl. Hope you all enjoyed this post and ill cya all soon!


6 thoughts on “Path to Superbowl LII

  1. Loved this! Keep up the positive Pats vibes!

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  2. Oh dear lord. How did I know you would blog about this. You should really get into hockey! lol. ❤


    1. hahaha you know me too well! And I did and I chose to like the Blackhawks, I dont even know why haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. sigh the blackhawks. I am not sure I DO know you. ;p ❤


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