Wild Weekend: Top AdviceAgers 2017 posts!

I had to eventually get this in but I had to do a Top AdviceAgers 2017 Posts because I had so many 2017 moments that I wanted share with you all before they are forgotten! Here we go!

Top 5 Funny Texts and Top 5 Creepiest photos I found!

These 2 were just so fun to write. I not only found some really funny texting jokes that I shared with you but I also shared with you some of the creepiest photos I have found! I enjoy writing these posts so much and they HAVE TO be on my list.



This post was enjoyable and really exciting to write. It was towards the end of the day when I was at my aunts house and having an awesome time. I cant tell you all how much I love to have a chill-like day at my aunts, uncles, and grandparents houses. Its really enjoyable!

My 100th Blog Post!


I had to include the memorable moment of me reaching 100 blog posts for you all on AdviceAgers! I loved seeing my work so far pay off and I never expected my blog to get to this point 🙂 Thanks!

One-Word Posts

Although I should be getting back to writing these posts I did enjoy publishing my first few ones. These mainly were not written to get views but to simply share my thoughts on different words.

Wild Weekend and Wild Snow-kend!

These were SO FUN to write. They are probably a huge part of my blog. Wild IS returning this weekend and I cannot wait for the fun to come!

Random Recipes

I started this and than never got to writing more of it. I decided to kind of wait until I get recipes to post. Since im going to be in the kitchen for LAWS soon ill be sharing all of the recipes I receive with you guys!

Book Reviews

This is another big thing on my blog and I honestly LOVE doing these. I have not finished much of my books yet but I WILL get them read soon! 🙂


Tags are so fun to read and write. If your picked you, depending on the type of tag, need to do something than tag other people! Its a fun way to bring the WordPress community together. I loved reading and writing different tags!

Which Is Better: Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?

This post always makes me laugh because not only was it my first post ever but it was also so funny to see my aunts and friends reactions. Basically there is a still continuing war between Team Starbucks (Ankhor You) and Team Dunkin (Lifewithlilred and AdviceAgers). Basically all 3 of us have constantly been teasing each other. This included Lifewithlilred´s free coffee post that put her on Team Dunkin. (GO DUNKIN!)  Honestly we all know Dunkin is better. 😛 Starbucks will never match DD! haha!


Well thats it for me guys! 2017 was an awesome year filled with magic! I rate it a 5/5 blogging year! I hope you all enjoyed looking back at my blog posts and I hope we can keep the memories alive!

¨We can only hop…¨ Lyddie by Katherine Paterson 

Cya around Agers!


4 thoughts on “Wild Weekend: Top AdviceAgers 2017 posts!

  1. Loved reading your recaps and what posts were your favorite. So proud of all you have accomplished buddy! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thanks! Glad you liked it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Fun!

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