Wild Weekend: The Return!

Hey guys and Wild Weekend is back! I have been waiting for it to return today: January 20th! What better way to start it off but some cool updates to my blog! Enjoy!

Brrrrrr Cold!

This morning I will be attending a Scout Event for my brother that makes me cold just thinking about it. I will be on Lil-sister-entertainment duty and we hope to stay worm while at the same time, have some fun! Hopefully I stay warm!

Trying out something new

So I decided that I might want to add some pages to my blog, but I was wondering if there was a way to put past posts on those separate pages while also being on the front page. I would appreciate it SO MUCH if you guys could give me some ideas on how to do this because AdviceAgers Archives is an idea and I hope to execute it soon!


I have not quite started my BOB (Battle of the Books) books yet! But I will as soon as I get caught up on Lyddie, and read a good deal of Warriors. (im sorry im addicted to it :P) I have found some other books (quite a few) that I dont get deeply into but kind of read a little through it then basically forget the book. Its sometimes that way. Also, I have been getting loads of books as gifts that I cannot control myself from reading them! Among the science books I have im always interested in the weather and storm topics.

Trying to find new blogging ideas

Blogging ideas are always very difficult to figure out. I kind of have a mini schedule in my head but its honestly what ever is in my head at the time of me on WordPress. Whatever comes to mind goes on and off and is changed in this editor to the point where I feel good about it, and I can tag it, and publish it! Sometimes I schedule posts for future times and modify them to fit that time. Just so it does not seem weird. Its difficult but I like scheduling ahead of time. Its easier. Other than that its a real struggle thinking of things to write. Hopefully I finish more books to do reviews on them! Speaking of books…

Warriors Book 4 Review

I finished Rising Storm! I am now constantly reading Book 5 (of 6 books in the 1st series) A Dangerous Path! Rising Storm was AWESOME! It was full of action and I rate it a solid 5/5! A Dangerous Path is so far very good and hopefully it stays that way!

Thanks for reading this post guys! Hope all of you enjoy the rest of your weekend and Wild Weekend is back so expect more posts from me out of that! Cya later Agers!


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