The New Tide Pods Challenge really makes you question humanity, and what 2018 is doing to us.

Who in heck came up with the Tide Pods Challenge like COME ON! Honestly! Let me explain…


So recently a couple of videos of people doing the Tide Pods Challenge went viral. The Tide Pods Challenge is simple: Buy Tide Pods washing detergent and record a video of you and your friends sticking these pods of detergent in your mouth. If that pod happens to break than you and your friends will be making a ridiculous trip to the ER 🙂

Why is this ridiculous of a challenge? Because its just stupid! Why would anyone in their right mind stick washing detergent (which fyi is NOT food?) in their mouth? Come on people. Is this 2018 making its first kills. You could make an argument that it is! These videos were probably kids trying to go viral on YouTube, after all, that IS where all these videos are going! Oh btw wait until you hear this next part.

As of only a lil while ago, I was reading Mosuficorp ´s recent post about this which you can find and read here. YouTube recently began taking down Tide Pods Challenge videos. So if any teens are still going to take a ridiculous risk, they should not expect their video to be up long. YouTube IS actually smart guys. Their not going to allow you to be stupid I guess LOL. Also, Tide Pods, the actual people from the company, have made it quite clear that its detergent and not food. Thats why its not in your pantry but by your washing machine! Get it know? ITS DETERGENT! Use it the way its meant to be used please 🙂

Thanks for reading guys hope you all enjoyed this little post about this honestly stupid thing that should not even be a thing. Honestlyyyyyyy! I question our intelligence dont you? Haha cya guys later!

Tide Pods

This is Tide Pods! And it is NOT edible! Sure you can try eating them but dont blame me if your in the hospital in less than a week!


Anyone who did the challenge cannot tell the difference between this donut (FOOD) and this Tide Pod! (NOT FOOD)


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