Bitcoin price raises. Than falls.

BitcoinIn the last year, the Bitcoin price was raised to 10,000 dollars. Think about it.

$10,000 later lowered to about $9,800. It was on many news networks but why is this important?

Bitcoin was created by a unanimous source.  It was a digital form of money that hackers used and still use to pay across the internet and dark web. Many people for years have been trying to find its original creator. But millions of sources who claim to have done it have been proven false, so who can they trust? Well we know that it is most likely a foreign scientist, considering if the creator was american, they would not need another currency to get money from other people. Small countries like Israel however dont have many people to hack, so it would make sense that a person living there would want to expand control and create Bitcoin. But also maybe some teen decided to make a difference and put out a massive currency that seems ridiculous to trade for.

Surprise! It became so popular that the original creators identity was never traced, and forever lost. We may never know the true origin of Bitcoin. Who knows? Maybe some kid living in NYC happens to be the long lost creator of this, in some cases dreaded, and in some cases famous, currency.

Hope you enjoyed this post cya soon!


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