The Divisional Round knocks away dreams… and makes dreams come true.

Wow. The Divisional Round crushed the dreams for many teams. Lemme give you the final scores.

Patriots (1) def. Titans (5) 35-14

The Patriots started off this match-up getting the passes to Gronkowski, but the Titans were on fire, scoring 2 touch downs. But Tennessee blew it. The Patriots came in and scored a total of 5 different touchdowns and downed the Titans. I guess Remember The Titans didn’t give them the power to beat possibly the favorite to go all the way right now. After all, Tom Brady, the possible G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time), is leading an almost undefeatable receiving crew lead by Brandin Cooks, Danny Amendola, and Rob Gronkowski. Whats better is that Julian Edelman might ACTUALLY play this season if the Patriots make the Superbowl! :))))

Jaguars (3) def. Steelers (2) 45-42

This was probably the big shock. The Steelers were favored to dethrone the Patriots after they would supposedly ¨handle¨ the Jags, but no… the Jaguars found a way to break Pittsburgh´s dreams. The high scoring game ended in an unbelievable 3 point win for the Jaguars when the Steelers were not able to bring it down to at least tie it. The Steelers had it… and let it go. Goodbye Pittsburgh. New England will NOT be playing you next week 🙂 Congrats. The Jaguars have replaced you 😀

Eagles (1) def. Falcons (6) 15-10

After the Falcons beat the #3 Rams, they were challenged with the Eagles. This game was big because the Eagles were not guaranteed when Carson Wentz was ruled out with a tore ACL. The replacement was a QB named Nick Foles, who is helping Phily hopefully survive the rest of the season. This win ended dramatically and the Eagles must be happy knowing after beating the Vikings they might play an easy game against the Jags or Pats. Oh… speaking of Vikings! Wait until you get this!

Vikings (2) def. Saints (4)  29-24

This game shocked me and my brother to the extreme. COME ON DREW BREES! The Saints had this. It was 23-21 and the Saints scored what looked like the game winning field-goal with 23 secs. to go! THAT was supposed to be the big finish. But it actually was not over guys 🙂 Stephan Diggs brought the Vikings down for an incredible 61 yard td to win it 29-24. Stunning. The Saints could almost not bring themselves out for the extra point kick. They were so shocked. In 23 secs. their NFC Championship ticket was stolen away. Tick tock guys.

So the Superbowl is coming into shape guys. The Patriots will host the Jaguars and the Eagles will host the Vikings. The 2 winners will meet in Minnesota for the Superbowl. Will the Vikings become the first team to go to the Superbowl in their stadium, and possibly win? Will the Eagles recover from the loss of Carson Wentz and achieve the end of the drought? Will the Patriots get their 6th win in 19 years. Or will the Jaguars shock everyone with a Superbowl title? Thats all coming soon guys!


2 thoughts on “The Divisional Round knocks away dreams… and makes dreams come true.

  1. All the way Pats!!!


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