I decided to write a poem for the New Year lol

Hey Agers and I just came up with a decently good poem! Tell me what you think of this in the comments!

Cold winds in the air,
the breeze going everywhere.
Children tucked in their beds,
parents stuck in their heads.

The small night begins to unfold,
as children everywhere drift off to sleep,
tomorrow is another day to hold,
as family memories will be made,
than they will do it again another day.
And the thoughts in their heads will go deep.

Another day has begun,
and the adventure is not yet done.
The entire town is quiet,
the entire town is soundless,
the entire town is private.

The air is misty,
the air is nice,
the air is very very dry.

The day is coming to an end.
Goodbye everyone, this poem is at its end.

Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks!


4 thoughts on “I decided to write a poem for the New Year lol

  1. This is amazing! great job! You ARE a writer ❤

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  2. This is great! Absolutely loved it! Keep writing!

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