The first BOB book and 30 followers!

Lemme first off thank you all for 30 followers and many more viewers who for a couple months have supported my blog beyond support. I love the new things im getting to write about and I cant wait for the future of blogging for me!

So as I mentioned in my last post, Battle Of The Books season is starting! This means that basically hundreds of kids around the nation will be reading books to compete in their area’s Battle Of The Books. Its a big event and last year our team came in 2nd! So yeah!

I was so excited when I heard that the 8 books had been decided and I checked one out from the library: Secretkeepers by Trenton Lee Stewart. Ever heard of it? My mom compared it to another book that she found interesting but I found boring. So ummmm I dont really know what to think of it. I have read only 9 pages of the literal 480+ pages I know it has. Either way im of course trying to memorize the big details of the book so bam! We can win that competition!

We came in 10th our first year. (There are like 30 teams so we did good ok?! :P) We did even better last year (our second year) and got 2nd! Hey… it looks like were winning this year 😛 After all… 3rd times the charm! Haha to anyways yea. We are pretty competitive to say the least.

So far Secretkeepers is a 3/5 because it isnt really attracting me. Its ok but not awesome.. yet. Again I have not read the entire thing soooo.

Other than that constantly thinking up blogging ideas and executing them onto this thing. Honestly its whatever blog posts that I can post, and come to my mind, will be on this blog lol.

Thank so guys so much again for 30 followers! We are inching our way towards 50 and that would be awesome. For now lets enjoy today and tomorrow! Cya around Agers!


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