More and more updates

Hey Agers and holy cow… how long has it been? Probably at least half a week! Im so glad you all seem to still be enjoying my posts despite my lack of activity the past 2 weeks. I have so much planned for the future now that school is starting to get better and I have much more time than I had a week ago. Lemme just tell yall what I have been doing and ya know… the usual AdviceAgers week filled with boredom, blogging, and other stuff. Lets get into it!

Winter is finally leaving!

Im so cruel for saying this but im so happy that the winter feels are leaving where im at. For much of New England they had the typical snowy, chilly day but it was almost warm where im at! (Hey! Its improvements :P)

Other than that I rate these holidays a 7.5/10 because it was not the best considering the freezing temps, that for some were record breaking, and the constant school catching up, but hey! Its the holidays and I loved looking through my presents, and what things you guys thought about my blog! (hint hint! Im outta ideas so get head over to my out of ideas posts and comment pleaseeeee okie im done :P) So yeah!

Reading reading reading…

Reading is much more constant for me. I gotta keep going with meh Warriors series but im probably only gonna finish the 4th book, Rising Storm, because, well, Battle Of The Books is BEGINNING! Im honestly excited but im so addicted to Warriors, and im reading Lyddie for my english class, so I dont have much time! But dont worry Agers. Ill read the BOB books than tell yall what you think about them.

School Life

My school life is pretty much constantly keeping my grades up. yea… thats all I have to say 😛

So yeah! Those are my main updates! Thanks for reading Agers!


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