The Patriots Issue

The Patriots have had more than 15 years of Superbowl winning teams thanks to some teamwork between Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, but lately a controversy had left the team under some pressure to keep them in that state.

It was a normal game against the Buffalo Bills for the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The game ended up being an easy win for the Bills. A normal play that Tom Brady turned over trying to throw to Brandon Cooks. “He was wide open!” You could hear the disappointment in Patriots offensive coordinator Josh Mcdaniels. “I got it!” Brady shouted back. Those word lead to anger between the qb and the coordinator ending in Brady apologizing to Mcdaniels. “Its part of what makes him great.” Was the coordinators response to the controversy.

Meanwhile both the coordinators on both sides of the ball for the Patriots are thinking about leaving New England. The questions are who will replace them and that will majorly depend on how Superbowl 52 ends. The Patriots have a clear opening to the Superbowl ring this year but it all comes down to the motivation they will have. Its all down to what can Belichick come up with?

After everything with the recent NFL protests, nearly a quarter of its fans are refusing to watch, nor go to any of the games. Even the Superbowl! As a Patriots fans im only not interested when the Patriots are out or not playing, which is 15/16 of the time keep in mind. While the coordinators may be leaving to get head coach jobs, they may also be sick of the recent hate NE keeps getting. The Tuck Rule, Deflate gate, and now this? Many things that COULD contribute to the leaving of Mcdaniels and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. Its all down to if they want the money or the ring. See thats what knowledged football fans would know: Football players r 50% about the money, 40% about winning the Superbowl and 10% about staying an NFL player. Those are all major factors along with minor ones that can together make a major difference.

So. What do you think will happen? Based on this what do you think NE and Bill Belichick will do and who would replace 2 very decent coordinators? Tell me in the comments if you have any ideas and thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “The Patriots Issue

  1. Some love to complain about the Pats just as some complain about the Yankees( your dad’s insight) because both are winning franchises and are strong teams. What will happen to NE is anyone’s guess. Unfortunately, teams must change and sometimes egos get in the way of those necessary changes. Hopefully, whatever happens will be uneventful!

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