Whodunit: The mystery of the stolen money.

Juliana was just a normal girl in a school. She was going to the movies with 3 friends she had met in the lobby: Britney, Lindy, and Madie. The 4 friends laughed throughout, but, afterwords, she found that $20 were gone from her purse! She debated who could have done it and we need your help using these clues to determine who the thief is! The following clues will give you hints and comment down below who you think the true culprit is!

Juliana had stashed her pink purse away from the new friends in the lobby.

Juliana sat second from the left.

To the left of her was Lindy.

To the right was Britney, and on the end Madie.

Juliana asked the friends if they had the money and all of them said they didnt.

They were all asked to prove it:

Britney: I would not steal the money.

Madie: Yea, besides, you cant see that shade of pink in the dark right Britney?

Britney nodded.

Lindy: It wasnt me because I just found out who it is…

Do you know who the culprit is? Comment down below!

Revealing the last Whodunit culprit!

David in the last Whodunit was the culprit because he was the only one who knew the house that well and the culprit had been wandering the house. The culprit cannot be Cecelia because Cecelia is obsessed with art and the culprit made a mess in the studio that Cecelia would never dare make. Also, she was asleep during the commotion. The culprit cannot be Luke Crym because Luke had no reason to brake the vase. He is the manager after all and could easily have the maids fired if they dared tell anyone anything so he would not have to run. Mindy could not be the culprit because the culprit carried out the action late at night in which Mindy would be in bed already.

Thanks for reading and remember to comment down below who you think the culprit is!


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