New Years Party in NYC, Hollywood, and New Orleans goes crazy!

I felt mediocre about the recent New Years Party that took place last night. There were some minor mistakes like for instance, the censors were not able to stop an artist from using certain normally censored words. However we did see awesome artists such as my fav group: Imagine Dragons! I was very excited to see a lot of very popular faces like them and Candylands! Definitely a nice show to watch!

While we were watching we had some fresh out of the oven cookies that I enjoyed. My mom LOVES baking and it makes that a little more special when your eating the food your parents work hard on (hopefully). So yeah.

This year the show brought back the 3 main locations for the New Years Countdown. They will have 2 countdowns: In NYC for the eastern time countdown, and in New Orleans for the central time countdown. New Orleans was filled with Alabama and Clemson fans as the 2 college football teams will we playing in the college football semi-final. The winner will play either Georgia or Oklahoma in the college football final. Definitely the crowd favored Clemson (hey im a Clemson and a North Carolina fan so yea im ok with it lol). So yeah…

That was a very peaceful night to write on my blog and try to figure out new posts for the future. The Whodunits are gonna keep coming in so dont worry about that! Btw go check out that post right now if you think you can figure out the mystery of the broken vase! New Whodunits coming soon! Anyways I hope you had a peaceful New Years Eve and have a even more wonderful New Years because holy cow! Its 2018 guys! Its 2018!!! Who ever thought 2017 would go so fast and I know this is the 3rd time straight ive said this in 3 sentences but hey… ITS 2018! Lets celebrate by taking a brake from all the worries that are in our way right now and celebrate with the ones we love! Celebration first, worries second 🙂




2 thoughts on “New Years Party in NYC, Hollywood, and New Orleans goes crazy!

  1. Absolutely loved this post! Your parents are creating memories and traditions for you to cherish for a lifetime! You give excellent insight on how to embrace and meet the new year head on! We could all learn to worry, and stress less and enjoy life more! I hope you have a fantastic 2018 and enjoy each and every day to the fullest! You are a wonderful person- Happy New Year! Love to all of you!

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