2017 in review

2017 has been the wildest ride. Before blogging and after blogging I had some fun memories. Let me share some of them with you now!

Obviously starting the Warriors series was a big thing for me. It kind of led me back to reading after I had begun to step away from it.

The 2 major Top 5s I did were enjoyable to read and write. I hope you all enjoy them too! One of my bloggers resolutions is definitely to get more of these done.

All the food that I talked about in my blog was really enjoyable to write. I LOVE exploring food and hopefully more of that is to come in 2018!

Of course Christmas topped the entire year off. I love this time of year because we were not only preparing for the new year, but we prepared for all the new things we would get on Christmas. Im always excited around the holiday time. So much is happening!

Oh the trips we took. The first trip (and possibly thing) on my blog was about the cars. I didnt really want to go to this but it was all ok once I got blog photos and I got my profile picture! We than went up to the farm to hang out with Aunt Kate from Ankhor You! It was a blast and we hope to see her again soon!


Ahh! Forgot our trip to Connecticut to visit our aunts and uncles and some fun while we were at it.

Oh the things we learned during this year. A blast to be honest. I wrote about a lot of informational things on my blog and I hope to do that much more in 2018!

I could not save all of the achievements I earned but im so glad about how many people viewed, followed, or just in general recognized my blog and its posts. I thank you all for the first few months of blogging! I will see you all in 2018 and what will be the first full years of blogging for me!

And so, this post is coming to an end. Sorry guys but its time to put AdviceAgers 2017 to a close and open up the new, packed with posts AdviceAgers 2018! I can feel the excitement rushing through my bones. Im glad you all are excited for 2018 and ill see you next year!

What was your favorite 2017 memory? What was probably your biggest achievement this year? Who´s ready for 2018?




2 thoughts on “2017 in review

  1. I am glad you had such an amazing year hun! I hope 2018 is even better!💗

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