Christmas is here! I cant believe this wonderful day has arrived! Have you all opened your presents?

Christmas is a huge holiday in my family (probably other families too I hope). I love sitting down and watching my siblings completely bright up at the sight of their presents. (I hope I get something good >:)) I also love the feeling of winter being here and having a break from school work. Every Christmas Eve, I go to bed with a feeling of complete peace. I like to talk about these things on my blog. At the time of this wonderful holiday, I will also be close to having blogged for 3 months so im very joyful knowing that I have gained 22+ viewers who enjoy my blog! I would like to quickly thank you all for the moments so far and I cannot wait for the future!

I will make a post about the presents I get and about my Christmas morning later but for now I hope yΒ΄all enjoy Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate πŸ™‚ Regardless of whoever you are, have a happy holidays!




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