Christmas Past, Present, Future.

During the Christmas time we likely talk about 3 different things. Christmas Past, Present, and Future. Ill be talking about those 3 things in this post.

Christmas Past

Christmas in the past has been very peaceful. We usually put on music while we open our presents and have a wonderful time. Gianna and Tommy get very excited whenever we are getting ready to head on in. (Sorry but we tend to push past each other to the presents :P) When we find out what our presents are we usually rush to start using them. Its just a thing with us. 😛 But anyways yea… That Christmas Past for us…

Christmas Present

Honestly im really excited for what were lookin at for this Christmas.. Its looking good 🙂 Im also helping my mom create christmas cookies and fudge because hey… we CANT have a Christmas at my house without cookies am I right? Gianna is our little baker in training and did very well at making the matter with me surprisingly.

I cant forget reading. Im almost done with the first books of my reading challenge. The first book is Lyddie. 

Christmas Future

Im so excited for Christmas Future. As they say in Believer by Imagine Dragons: im fired up. lol.

Cya soon Agers and have a VERY merry Christmas  and Happy holidays!

Joyeuses fêtes!


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