Wild Snow-kend: Reacting to 5 funny texts.

Hey guys and today ill be reacting to 5 funny texts so lets get right into it!


LOL This cracks me up so bad. ¨Dad is dead. You´re next. Love, Moth LOLOL. I cant get over this one. Im actually going to remember this. (What did I get myself into by doing this post o.o)


This is hilarious but at the same time WHY MOM! This mom is so mean to their child. Dont worry kid: I got ur back. LOL (No AdviceAgers ur NOT FUNNY!)


Run child. The furby is coming for you so please just….. run….. Lol whats more creepy is the eyes. Oh those eyes just explain everything haha.


This is funny because this mom has probably spent her life thinking LOL means Lots of love like omg. This poor kid and mother.


Omg Rotfl. ¨If you take meh cake… YOU DIE¨ is so true except for me its Ice Cream and food. ¨YOU TAKE MY ICE CREAM? YOU DIE!¨ Lol this makes me laugh so hard.

Well thanks for reading my reactions to all 5 of these hilarious (and sometimes just plain weird) texts! Comment down below what you think of all of these and tell me which one is your favorite! Thanks and Merry Christmas!


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