Wild Snow-kend: 5 Creepiest Photos That I found!

Sometimes we take pictures that have some kind of creepy thing in them. I decided to show you my reactions to 5 of the creepiest photos I have ever found. Here they are:

#5: Deerman 

Creepy Ghost.png

Omg this better be fake THIS BETTER BE FAKE! To be honest this looks actually really real. It would be hard to make a person… or thing… that shape. Is that even a person? Run deer run. Your being haunted lol.

#4: Burning Girl


THIS CANT BE REAL. Can it? Oh my this is utterly disturbing to be honest. A girl in a burning house? Although why else would a person take a photo of this house other than for making a ghost video or cause they saw this… thing in the building. Honestly this is… weird…



Please no. Not the creepy basement photos. :l Im already convinced my own basement is haunted to be honest. This could very well be fake except of course, if it was a prank.



Just……………………………….. no. This photo is like the most disturbing thing… is that a ghost? Is that a legit ghost? And look at its eyes! They look so demon-ish! So utterly creeped out.



Run children. If you learn at this school, run… This is so creepy. Cant even with this!

Well thanks for reading this post that I decided to randomly throw in! Honestly after all these years of freaking myself out with this stuff… gosh…. Anyways I hope you enjoyed! Have you ever taken a photo with some kind of creepy photobomb or picture? Let me know in the comments!



5 thoughts on “Wild Snow-kend: 5 Creepiest Photos That I found!

  1. These are so creepy! It is amazing what a lens’s can capture (or doctor;) 💗


    1. I know! When I get my camera im probably going to be taking pictures of forests and stuff just to see if you could actually capture something like that! Ya know the beach that we visited in Maine? There was one just like it where a person took a photo of the green tall grass by the parking lot and a small creature was in it! Omg so creepy but so interesting!

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      1. I love that! I am so excited for you! Really? That is super cool! Always something to see and even better snap a picture of!;p💗


      2. Thanks so much! Merry

        Liked by 1 person

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