Wild Snow-kend: Patriots do it again!

Tom Brady never would have expected this game to end this way. It was a HUGE shock. Tom Brady went into the game. The Patriots started off slow in the first half ending with a 1st half Steelers lead: 17-10. But dont worry! Tom Brady and the Patriots defense work together to make a huge second half. They make the score 17-13 than let the Steelers score their final scores. 24-16. k. No biggy. Tom Brady shoots field goal straight through with about a minute left. Than the Steelers go 3 and out. It gives the Patriots just enough time to shoot 77 yards down field to take the lead 27-24. Than… oh gosh. It was all together for the Steelers. They got down to the 10 yard line but than. What happened next stunned the entire stadium of Pittsburgh fans. The pass bounced off of the receivers hands and the Patriots intercepted it! GAME OVERRRRRR. And New England will host every playoff game they play until the Superbowl this season 🙂


6 thoughts on “Wild Snow-kend: Patriots do it again!

  1. What a game it was!

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  2. Hockey is much more interesting;p 💗


    1. Only cause your team ¨didnt show up¨.

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      1. Bwahaha my team has been on vacation all season!💗

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