Random Recipes: French Desert Edition Part 1

Deserts are very important to the french. In this post ill be explaining many different types of deserts that the french LOVE!

Une Tarte

Une and Un are the feminine and masculine versions of A in french. Certain foods are given Une and certain ones are considered ¨male¨ and given Un. Everything in french has a gender. Une Tarte is a very thin layer of apple, or any other flavor, tart. They almost never have the crust on top and leave it wide open. For more look at the picture below.


Un Gateau 

Un Gateau is basically cake in french. The correct word for cake is Gahtell but Gateau is basically a chocolate cake. It is usually either large or very small but never in the middle. Here is a picture.


Un Eclair 

The  final piece of french desert that we will examine today is Eclair or pretty much a pastry with a creme inside. It is delicious and many of you will probably recognize this desert as a popular party desert item. The french love to send over recipes of their deserts to us which we use and make it more ¨american¨ is some cases. This is one scenario where they treat Un Eclair as a delicacy while we treat as a normal pastry. Here is a picture.


I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of these french deserts. I have 4 more deserts I will share with you later and I hope you enjoyed Part 1! Cya soon Agers!



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