Homework, Homework, Homework and 20 followers!!!

Hey guys. Yet another chill day with a dramatic ending as I got in trouble for not having certain assignments done. I definitely have it all settled now and let me just say: School gets tough lol.

20 followers! Just bout a month ago I had 10 and now I have double that number! CRAZY! Im glad to see that the hard work is paying off and, as always, thanks so much for you guys reading and commenting on my posts! I enjoy making the community a little better and searching for awesome posts by you guys! Whether you just recently followed me, have been following me, or have just read my posts and enjoyed them, I greatly appreciate you all and I also love reading all your blogs! I even have family on this! It just keeps getting better and I hope you continue my journey along the blogging path lol. Hope you enjoy and btw guys! I have just started reading the first 2 books that will be part of my blogging challenge. I have decided that I will do book reviews whenever I get done with a book and ill count how many books I get done in a certain amount of time! Ill also rate the books and make suggestions as to which ones are the best for certain people! Hope you enjoy and keep on bloggin away 😛


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