I woke up with a cold this morning but had to go to school as usual. I am at that age where a simple cold cant hold me back to the point where I have to stay home and work all day to make up what I miss the next few days. Its just not worth it to me. So yeah thats part of the reason why I didnt get to any of the posts I wanted to post today. Im posting this a bit late because I had a ton of HW. I had 3 assignments to do. One was relatively short but the other two were challenging. Its honestly just me trying to keep my grades up.

I am excited because my Academic Achievement free breakfast is this Thursday (or some other day idek tbh lol). I feel pretty good being able to attend my 4th straight breakfast. I earned Academic Achievement every time but cant seem to get Honor Roll. darn :P. But anyways yea. I have attended all 4 breakfasts possible and I hope to keep that going. (It would be good though to FINALLY make Honor Roll lol)

To end off the night im gonna give a piece of info I learned through this quarter: The teachers dont give you the grades, they record the grades you give them šŸ™‚ Thats basically true considering you do the work, and they sit around and grade it. I feel honored to be able to attend the breakfast again and I hope to do so 2 more times before the 2nd year of middle school ends (3 times per year :P) Goodnight guys and cya soon!


1 thought on “Cold

  1. Awe huge hugs I hope you fee better! And congrats on the achievement breakfast that is so exciting!šŸ’—

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