The Lost Boys journey to America

The Lost Boys was the name for a selection of boys chosen to move from the Kakuma camp in Kenya to America. Their were a couple hundred thousand of them and to them it was a new life.

NOTE: The names in this story are not real people but the locations in America where they went to live, and the entire story, was real.

It started when a devastating civil war began in Sudan, a country in Africa. North Sudan, and the Sudanese government wanted all Sudanese people to be Muslim. The southern part of Sudan tried to override this threat to their religion, culture, etc. They formed a rebel group that fought in a ruthless civil war for freedom from North Sudan ending in 2005 with over 2 million dead. In the mess of this were the 4 characters of our story: Daniel and David Toushka, Jon Birkata, and Louis Runcatak. The 4 of them would embark on an amazing journey from a village in South Sudan, through the Akobo desert, and into the Kakuma camp in northern Kenya. Here is the story:

Southern Sudan: 1985

Daniel and David Toushka were living in a peaceful village with the tall Jon Birkata and the short skinny Louis Runcatak. A horrific civil war had started just 2 years before. Daniel was 15. David was 16. Jon was 17. Louis was 15. They were living in a village constantly under the threat of northern attack. The village was associated with the anti-muslim south. The rebels had set up a camp nearby to use our entire village as a military base. Our leaders constantly were forced to make decisions to give the rebels food and money, just to keep the alliance and protection. Finally it got to the point where in April of 1985, the rebels base was attacked. The village was burned and all 4 went different directions and would be reunited later traveling across the hot Akobo desert. Daniel and David ran into the forests near the border into Uganda. Jon was forced to flee east towards Ethiopia. Finally, Louis stayed a couple more days, camping nearby all alone, trying to survive Southern Sudan. What would happen?

Ethiopia: 1996

Since 1987, The four boys had been living in the camp in Ethiopia. It was majorly overcrowded. And 20% of the lost boys were dead by 1996. They decided they would need to travel to Kenya and the Kakuma camp. They would need to survive. Daniel, David, Jon, and Louis would go to Kenya…

Kakuma Camp: 1997

The Kakuma camp had a list of people who would go to America. The 4 of them got on that list.


All 4 boys like a couple hundred thousand others went to live in the United States. It was truly an honor and you can read more about it in the official book: A long walk to water. And many more online and offline articles. It truly is a huge part of history. Thanks for reading Agers and hope you enjoyed!


2 thoughts on “The Lost Boys journey to America

  1. This is really a great blog post! Auntie actually met some of these boys when they spoke at St. Mike’s a number of years ago. She also took part in a “Sleep Under the Stars “ program to call attention to this problem. She was very passionate about this injustice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice! Its important to make sure these problems are not ignored! Thanks! I try my best to write good posts!


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