Are you trying to create a life plan? You may be overthinking it!

College is a huge thing. Your pretty lucky if you get into college these days and lemme just explain. There are 4 types of degrees that you can get. An Associates Degree is 2 years of college and is kind of a shortcut to a degree. A Bachelors Degree is 4 years and a Bachelors and higher tends to be the best option to have a good career. A Masters Degree is 6 years. And finally 8 years is a Doctors Degree. Sometimes to get a degree you will need to do some extra time but what is the deal with money? Well most colleges offer scholarships that dont offer a free education, but offer a deal like a quarter or half off. Depends on how much they want you.

So now it comes to your life plan. Lets pretend you just got a Masters in History and a Bachelors in Science and Technology. Now your ready for the real world! Are you? First off, you need somewhere to live. That is really important. You should use your savings for a new house of apartment. Lets say you have $600,000. Thats the savings you have had since you were a kid combined with what you have earned from other people or the years and the lil business you had at one point. So you buy a $340,000 house. You chose to pay a small amount at a time which means over the course of 4 years you will pay $85,000 per year. So now you have a big portion of your savings down so what do you do now? Well now you need to buy a bed, and some other furniture. You buy the stuff and along the way you get yourself lunch. In total is costs you $2,500. Now you have $257,500. Than you need your heating, lights, all that stuff which costs you in total $55,990 (were just pretending :)) Now you have just $201,500. Food costs you over the course of a year $3,000. So now you have $198,500 left over. You can use that on your free time to buy new things.

So their is a standard life plan made just for you guys :). Its not accurate of course because these numbers are WAYYYY lower than actual life. But yea. Thanks for reading Agers and enjoy the rest of your day šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Are you trying to create a life plan? You may be overthinking it!

    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed šŸ™‚


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