My love for learning languages!

Hey Agers and I don´t know how many people know that I LOVE learning languages. Probably my favorite if the one im learning in school right now! French! French is one of the more difficult languages along with Italian, German, and Russian. But Swiss, Spanish, and Creole which is a different version of french spoken in Haiti, are easier. Its honestly just which language is you tongue just right for? French is extremely important if you plan to travel or become a politician. That´s because the United Nations official language is french!

Im planning on learning french for now and possibly later, learning something such as German or Italian. I think I mentioned this in another post but feel free to talk to me in french in the comments if you want to see! Also I decided to put this below!

Bonjour monsieur et mademoiselle! Je suis americain. Etes vous francais? Etes vous americain? Etes vous non plus? Ah oui. Au revoir monsieur et mademoiselle!

If you could figure out what I said than great! Hope you enjoyed this post! Cya soon!


6 thoughts on “My love for learning languages!

  1. I to love languages, there is something incredibly beautiful about speaking another language! ❤


    1. It gives you the feeling that your in a whole different life. 🙂

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  2. Try learning Latvian! It’s exotic! Only 2 million (according to google) speaks Latvian 🙂

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    1. Oh my that sounds like a difficult language! Thanks for that nice fact!

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      1. 🙂 You are welcome!


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