The Christmas Tree and My Christmas Wish List

Hey Agers and my mom and dad recently put up our Christmas Tree! I am so excited for Christmas because I have a rather large Wish List this year 🙂

Last year I was not able to think of much for a Wish List because well, I didn’t really need anything. Im slowly adding things on to it this year however. Here is what I have so far for what Santa should bring me 🙂

A Camera

I have been wanting a Camera for a while now. I just think being able to take pics for my blog without bugging my mom and waiting for her to send me them would be a lot better. I love picture taking so its quite clear that I need a Camera.

Edelman Jersey 

Julian Edelman is my favorite Patriots player. Tom Brady is probably a close third only too Chris Hogan and Julian Edelman. I have a Gronkowski T-Shirt but the only actual jerseys I have are Tom Brady´s. Continuing my collection is something I want Santa to bring me!

Warriors Series 1, 2, and/or 3

Have you read my 2 posts on the book series im reading? If you have not than read it too find out what Warriors is. I have been enjoying the series for months now and I am dying to figure out what happens in Book 3! Santa giving me the series to own would be awesome!


I dont even know if I spelled that right but yea. Our Walki-Talkies broke awhile ago and replacing them is something that would be nice of Santa 🙂

Headphones or Earbuds

The ones that I have are not really usable. Having new ones would just be better.

A New Bike

My old bike broke and for the past like year we have been trying to fix it. Santa bringing me a new one would mean a lot of course.


So yeah. There is my Christmas Wish List. Of course if Santa doesnt bring me everything on the list I will be devastated  ok. I made this list so my mom knows what Santa wants to bring me. (Dont ask :P)


2 thoughts on “The Christmas Tree and My Christmas Wish List

  1. Hope your list helps!

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