Some updates…

Just want to get the negative part of this post over with guys so Ankhor You will not be visiting us. I dont even know if I told you about the visit but its been cancelled due to her getting sick 😦 Our fam hopes she gets better and hopefully we can meet at some other point. Until than get well Ankhor You!

Anyways I went to my dads side of the fam once again as we visited the beautiful condos they live in. I was so excited and had TONS of desserts :P. I couldnt get over the Ice cream cake guys because I am addicted to Ice Cream. Im not a major fan of cake but Ice Cream? The only thing that keeps me from hoarding over it is my minor intolerance to lactose. Sigh… Idek guys. Cya soon everyone. This was the shortest post ever lol. Bye Agers.


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