Black Friday and my Sibling War

Its Black Friday Agers! The one day where adults rush from store to store simply to get everyday materials for a portion off. The one day where a war brews for who can get to the register first. The one day when, after we give thanks for everything we have, we fight each other for awesome deals on the very same things πŸ™‚ I happen to live in an area where there is always commotion since im basic neighbors with Stop and Shop. Sigh.

Black Friday is kind of like a normal day for me. My parents rarely actually shop that day because one, there is no need to since the local stores already have everything we need for different prices, and two, we dont think its worth fighting with other adults just to get a few things. I kind of have to agree. Its not honestly worth the commotion to get something like a can of beans or something like that. Here is another piece of advice for y’all. Shop the day after Black Friday. Its easier because most people have already gotten their stuff and dont need to return the next day!

My Sibling War is basically a war between the 3 crazy children that we are. Not so much a war but a rivalry. Yes, we have our moments, but as all siblings are, we are tricksters. We love to play the biggest pranks on each other. My mom told me that when she was my age, her brothers would rip her dolls to shreds and would twist the heads of my aunts dolls around. The Sibling War is an inevitable thing. Its just something that happens naturally. In some cases it is positive and in others, negative. One positive about it is that you will have tons of stories to tell your peers when your older. Hey! Its true! πŸ˜›

My uncles were tricksters on their 3 sisters when they were younger. And 2 of those sisters are here today to get payback. Well one is my mom so that doesnt really work out lol. But the youngest child of my grandmom (wonder who it is!) is the queen of cracking a joke. ESPECIALLY during dinner time. Thats when it gets really crazy. All I can hear out of my ears is KATIE! KATIE! KATIE! oops. I might have just given away who it was πŸ˜› But anyways yea. What scares me is that we may very well be a duplicate version of my aunt and her siblings. Love the tricks. Love to annoy our parents from time to time. And yeah.

Oh gosh I cant stop laughing now! Anyways cya soon Agers!


6 thoughts on “Black Friday and my Sibling War

  1. I also don’t get hyped on the Black Friday war. I hibernate. Not only was this very well written, but I also was dying laughing.
    Also do not know WHAT you are talking about, we got along well. We were angels. We LOVEd each other ;p ❀

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    1. Awww thanks! And you were TOTALLY angels. πŸ˜›

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      1. We were! lol. ❀


  2. Loved this!

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    1. Thank you! And its all honestly true πŸ™‚


  3. Loved this

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