Thanksgiving & 10 followers!

Hey Agers! Wild Snow-kend has once again come to an end and will come back next weekend, but Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

Thanksgiving is sort of a tradition more than holiday for my family. I wonder what Thanksgiving is like in other countries to be honest. Is it on a different date? Do they celebrate differently!? Tell me in the comments if you know! But anyways my family acts as if its a tradition. We have a big meal and usually invite family over. Im hoping that we can have Ankhor You come over again at some point close to Thanksgiving but no promises! But yea, we basically get anyone we can to come over and we eat a big meal. When I was younger, we used to even go outside! So yeah… my family does not really celebrate other than allowing the day to become the chillest of the year and at dinner we blurt our whatever comes to our minds lol.

10 followers!!! Im a bit freaked out because aaaa 10 followers! Thanks to everyone who has been viewing and following my blog. Its highly appreciated 😀 Hope to continue on this journey for months and years to come 🙂 Cya soon Agers!


1 thought on “Thanksgiving & 10 followers!

  1. Congrats on the followers! And I am super excited about Turkey Day and I hope to see you guys too! Love you! ❤


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