Its Friday!

Its Friday Agers! Friday is a calm day for the most part. Im hoping for no homework over the weekend but we shall see how that goes 😀 Other than that im thinking about getting myself some kind of blogging calendar. I was inspired by some other bloggers to try this and im really interested now. I would be able to write down ideas and not forget anything that I would want to post! It would be much more easy to remember what I would want to write. I will show you guys it if I manage to get one.

So let me talk about my favs. If you want, you can comment down your answers to these questions down in that comment section 🙂 Enjoy!

Cake or Ice Cream?

I have never had a sweet tooth for cake. I probably never will. I LOVE Ice Cream.

Do you have allergies?

I have a mild lactose intolerance cause well, ya know. I also hate it because it interferes with how much Ice Cream I can have before I throw up 😛

What is your pastime?

My pastime is obviously either play outside, or blog. With all the calories im taking in, (and just cause I love the outdoors) I cant resist going outside when I can.


To be honest, im actually bored just by hearing the word TV. I dont like it (unless its football of course :P) when you just sit and watch a show for a half hour to an hour. I find it a waste of time. Im that one kid that has to be moving around ALLLLL DAYYYY. (except for in the mornings which is when I chill)

What do you like about blogging?

Everything lol. I have always had a love for typing out articles and books that I send to my friends. I love hearing their suggestions and such, but I saw blogging as an opportunity to actually type at my will, and post it so you guys can read it! Typing always takes off the constant stress from my anxiety problems, and its a good feeling 🙂

Hope this helped you learn a couple of random things! Post a comment below and lets talk!


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