Computer Viruses

Computer Viruses are nasty programs that are made up of advanced code meant to delete and take over computer systems. There are 3 types of malware which stands for Malicious Software which can cause damage: There is the typical Virus, the Worm, the Trojan Horse, the Rootkit, Spyware, and Ransomware. Lets start with what a Virus is.

A virus is a form of code designed by a hacker to cause damage to a computer or service. These hackers are known as black-hat hackers. They design illegal viruses and spread them around. You ask how this happens? Well our computers, phones, and mobile devices not immune to viruses like we are to certain diseases. These viruses easily make their way into your computer through the most common ways which include emails, downloading, links, etc. Viruses can even be designed to look like something as if it has a cloaking device.


Many people dont think viruses can steal much but anything and everything that you have on any account on the device can be overridden and stolen. It can even be copied, pasted, and viewed. Hackers can easily, in just a few minutes, have 20 of your passwords taken. How do you avoid viruses? Its simply be careful what you click. Dont click suspicious pop-ups on your computer. Be careful when downloading games, and even Anti-virus programs. The newest scam includes viruses being cloaked as programs that may seem to delete viruses, but will actually just scam a virus into your system.

Next lets talk about worms. Worms are basically duplicating viruses. Instead of being sent to other people it relies on old/ broken systems to run.


Worms often target systems such as Microsoft because Microsoft does not have an updated defense against worms. Hackers often spread worms into systems because the people who remain with Microsoft and broken networks can easily be infected. Any device typically from before 2010 is suitable for a worm to infect it. To avoid worms update your accounts frequently so worms cant spread into your system.

And than there is a Trojan Horse. A Trojan Horse refers to a deceptive computer program designed to look like something else. This is a VERY popular way for hackers because since people are updating there Anti-virus programs frequently, its easy to put a malicious Trojan Horse designed to look and sound like a good program, when really it will destroy your stuff.


You HAVE TO be careful around the app stores because they are easy targets for hackers.

Another type of virus is called a Rootkit virus. Most people don´t know that there is a virus called Rootkit, but a Rootkit virus is lethal. A Rootkit virus is a virus designed to help another type of virus gain access.


It does not cause much damage but it basically opens the door to hundreds upon thousands of systems every year. It enables hackers of all kinds to break into accounts easier than ever before. Rootkit viruses can easily be blocked using a powerful anti-virus program that doesn’t allow it to make changed to your files. Simply blocking a download from doing certain actions can save your entire work from destruction.

Spyware and Ransomware are 2 types of viruses that are deadly. Spyware is a special type of virus that often no one realizes is on there computer. It installs itself in anyway possible to find out valuable information.


To stop it from accessing your files? BE SMART. Follow the rules and dont do stupid stuff that will allow Spyware into your personal stuff. Be careful of emails and links, dont trust random pop-ups.

Ransomware is possibly the most dangerous type of virus none to man.


This virus is possibly the most common, most damaging in the world. Basically Ransomware is near impossible to get rid of. One mistake will be the one you forget with this one. The hacker usually contacts you shortly after your infected. Your device is usually overridden and blocked permanently until you have what we call a Bitcoin. A Bitcoin is a password, or a key that unlocks your device. Hackers ask for money and in return will give you the Bitcoin. You dont really even know if they will give you the Bitcoin to be honest. Once your infected your in big trouble. And some big companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars simply to unlock important devices. Only about 50 % of Ransomware hackers are caught. They are usually the ones that reveal to much info to their victims when they hack. But ones that are completely cloaked are hard to catch. The basic idea is… DONT BE STUPID! Think about where your going on the Internet and be safe 🙂 You can do it.

Just one final thing. Sometimes viruses are designed to invade huge companies. These are called Botnets and they are basically armies of viruses 😦

Thanks for reading this article on how to stay safe online. There a few terms of viruses I did not cover in this article that you can go search their definitions. I hope you guys learn a lot from this and enjoy!


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  1. This is so well written and very informative! Great job and thanks for sharing hun! ❤

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