Do you really know if your healthy?

One question alot of doctors ask at checkups is ¨Do you feel healthy?¨ Well? Do you truly feel like your making the right health choices? Or are you concerned that your health is faltering. Take the quiz below to find out:

Do you take drugs or smoke?

Do you have more than 4 meals a day?

Do you stay inside more than 10 hours straight? (not including if your ill)

Do you not use My Plate for at least 2 thirds of your meals?

How many times did you say yes?

0/4- Good to go! Your probably in a really healthy condition!

1/4- Your decent, but should try to think about turning that yes in more of a no!

2/4- You´ll survive! But you need to think about your condition and if your willing to turn those yes answers into no answers!

3/4- You need to make some decisions to make you more healthy or you can get into trouble.

4/4- You definitely need to make changed because it seems as though your not making healthy decisions! Choose your path.

So yeah. Most people have a 1/4 which isn’t terrible, but I suggest you aim for all answers being NO! It just takes adjustment and perseverance and you can win the battle called health. Hope this helped you guys and cya soon Agers!


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