Recipe #1: Coconut Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Hey Agers! Welcome to the first recipe of many recipes that I will be posting. I decided to start off basic by posting a coconut strawberry smoothie recipe. Thanks and hope you enjoy!

Hey Agers! I decided to create a coconut strawberry smoothie! The recipe on how to make this smoothie. My mom cant have regular milk, so we decided to mix things up with a coconut version! I do not like coconut personally but this turned out decent.


I rated this a 3/5. It was not a very good taste but it wasn’t terrible bad either. The recipe is written below.



2 cups cold milk (coconut milk)

2 cups strawberries

1 fourth cup cup sugar

2 thirds cup Vanilla Yogurt

2 tablespoons Lemon Juice

1 half cup crushed ice (use 1 cup is using fresh fruit)

Recipe (serves about 4-5 medium sized cups)

#1: Place all ingredients in the blender container- put the solids in first.                         

#2: Blend for 2 minutes, stopping and letting solids drop to bottom for 30 seconds at the 1 minute mark, until mixture is smooth. 

#3: Pour into cups, being sure to give each person a fair amount and enjoy!




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