Election day: GREEEEAAAAT :)

Hey Agers! Wow. Election day is so close I can feel it. I wish I could vote to be honest. I dont know. I know kids my age should not have to deal with that yet, but it feels kind of nice to think about having a voice in how our country, state, and town make decisions. Do any of you people who have that ability enjoy voting? Tell me in the comments!

Recently things have dramatically changed on WordPress and yet no new things have come to the site. I am nearing 50 posts on my blog, getting more achievements and followers, more expectations, and finding more to read on Reader. Im not that noobie to the site anymore in my opinion. I have kind of officially started the true form of my blog. I like the new reads that interest me every morning. I have enjoyed reading Longreads, and posts from Livewithlilred, Glucksgeist, and my aunt: Ankhor You! The reads have drawn me in more and more each day and its a peace, and presence of peace that I adore now. Its a getaway from the actual world. Having opinions on different subjects read here is enjoyable. I hope to continue this peace by providing you with continuous content that you enjoy!

Cya soon Agers!


3 thoughts on “Election day: GREEEEAAAAT :)

  1. I do have to ability to vote, and I would always tell everyone to go voting if they have the ability. In my country, voting is a bit more difficult. The election of the government is extremely difficult. We can chose 1 person out of 150 persons in total. So you really have to do some tests or research if you want to make the right decision. I’m glad you like it here on WordPress! How long do you have to wait until you can vote?

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    1. Wow 150 people! Here in the United States, we have the Republican and Democrat parties that each chose people to run for certain positions. I have to wait another 5 and a half years to vote since the voting age is 18.

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  2. I have always enjoyed the political process even when I was a child and would go with my parents to vote. I think I was more excited to vote then I was to drive. That said it can truly be disheartening with how divisive the whole process has become.
    I am so happy you are enjoying the WordPress community! Slow and steady wins the race:) I have been blogging almost two decades (ahem….) and I just feel like I have finally found my niche! Thanks for the shout out hun! Keep up the amazing work! ❤

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