Wild Snow-kend: The Ouija Board Solved!

Hey Agers! The Ouija board has been a game that children have loved to play for generations. The basis idea is that you can “contact the dead” using the board. I recently discovered some interesting factors in this board that make it a little suspicious. And let me tell you this: The answer to how its done is not the board using anything like magnets or strings. In fact the board has absolutely nothing to do with the solve! So if its not the board than what is it? Lets find out!


Above is the typical Ouija Board. They is a small pointy object that the users use to contact the spirits. They all put there fingers on it and the object moves to the letters or yes/no or whatever. The trick is actually nothing about the board rather the pointer! Its the brain of the people. When kids watch scary movies, or horror movies, their brain is exposed to a weird substance that can cause disorders like PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder). So anyways besides that, the substance makes the brain work and think differently in certain scenarios. One of the scenarios happens to be scary games. Whenever someone touches the pointer on the board, for instance, they non-intentionally move the pointer to where the brain wishes it to go. There isn’t any spiritual powers near you. It is just you and your friends affected by scary movies so much that your brain is used to seeing scary things happen and your brain prevents it from not happening. People who claim not to ARE moving it.

I hope you enjoyed this little reveal on how Ouija Boards work and ill cya guys soon! Bye!


2 thoughts on “Wild Snow-kend: The Ouija Board Solved!

  1. I loved this! And I love this theory. It is very well thought out 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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