Wild Weekend: Snow snow, we want snow! (Wild Snow-kend preview)

Hey Agers! The holidays are so close and I can almost taste the hot chocolate and feel the snow at my finger tips! I so badly want it to snow so we have those snow days right before winter brake. Then its almost like a longer winter brake! I cant wait for it and I hope everyone gets to enjoy this wonderful time when were tilted away from the sun!

Before I begin I just want to share how this works. Many people wonder: ¨Why do we have winter and summer?¨ and ¨Why is the southern hemisphere not having winter when its winter time?¨ Well, it all has to do with the earths tilt. In addition to the rotation of the Earth, the Earth is also tilted at a 23.5 degree angle.

earth tilt_417x226

This image shows the Southern Hemisphere during its winter and summer. As you can see, North America and the rest of the northern end of the Earth is tilted slightly away from the suns blows. This tiny difference dramatically changes the weather. During the Southern Hemispheres winter time it is tilted away while we are tilted towards the sun and therefor have enough heat to make summer!

So now you know about the facts and everything so let me begin with my end of the story. My mom and dad bought a brand new, bigger, Christmas tree this year. It looks pretty awesome however there is one catch: We will be the ones to decorate it! I dont call this a catch since hey! im a blogger who is in need of them pics! But my brother was of course stubborn (lucky he aint readin this :P) and just left it at that. Anyways I hope my story gives you an idea of the Ager way of Christmas and I hope you guys the best of holidays!

Btw guys! The title obviously shows that from tonight until the night of December 31st, Wild Weekend will be taking a break! (The crowd gasps :0) Snow-kend will be our assistant teacher for this loafly holiday and Snow-kend will definitely be a new and improved version JUST FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Anyways, Peace Agers!


3 thoughts on “Wild Weekend: Snow snow, we want snow! (Wild Snow-kend preview)

  1. I love the title! There is a song called Snow Snow Snow by the Band of Merry Makers and it is one of my favorites! I can not wait to see what you conjure up with your Snow-ekend 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I cant wait to see what kinds of things I can write about! Oh and sounds like a nice band!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am so excited that YOU are excited! It is!:) you should check them out! Definitely gets me in the festive cheer:)


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