Wild Weekend: Any suggestions?

Hey Agers! In todays posts I have a couple questions that I really need to know the answers bout! If you have the answers to any of the questions PLEASE post a comment down below telling me the answers! I want to give you guys the best experience and so I need the best methods for doing certain things! Answer from the bottom of your heart please! There are NO BAD ANSWERS! Thanks!

What types of content do you personally like on WordPress?

What types of reads do you like to read? Storytimes? Honorable mentions? Whats your favorite? It can be anything!

What are your methods for spreading news about your blog?

How do you get your blog out into the world? What advertising techniques do you use?

How much information would you say is enough?

How many words or paragraphs do you usually write in your posts? 200? 300? How many?

Thanks! Please remember to answer any of these questions by posting the answers down below in the comment section! Hope you enjoy the rest of your Wild Weekend and bye!

3 thoughts on “Wild Weekend: Any suggestions?

  1. If you are passionate about your content it will show in your writing. So write what you are passionate about:)
    As far as advertising, other social media outlets, following other blogs (and commenting) as well as hashtags which are actually keywords that come up when searching.
    As far as paragraphs, my posts range. It really depends on what I am writing about.
    I hope this helped and keep up the great work hun! ❤

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