What I did before blogging… and how blogging has quite honestly become a new journey!

I have had an obsession for making myself a known figure online and around 2015 I truly got obsessed with gaming. The games I played included Scratch, and the current game which I have been having issues with called Animal Jam. Animal jam was a game launched in 2010 by Wild Works and Nat Geo Kids. The game has since because so big that it has reached 9.5 millions players around the world and 4 huge multi 100 thousand youtubers. The youtubers include Julian2, Aparri, WisteriaMoon, and Bepper (aparris sister) Why do I struggle with the game? Not because its a bad game but because there have been minor mistakes that have truly impacted the game and made it not as fun. First of all, Aparri has been quite cruel to other youtubers. Julian2 made a 100 k special that Aparri hated on in the comment section. Julian2 has recently quit after AJHQ took him off their channel banner where the main looks of all the youtubers are shown. Aparri has also been exposed many times along with other youtubers who have gotten involved. I dont approve of online drama because it ruins our ability to truly express ourselves without fighting. So basically the youtubers and community are quickly tearing apart the game I have loved for about 3 years now. I highly doubt I will continue playing AJ forever since im not very fond of the game drama. But I wont quit quite yet because its basically been my childhood game for awhile now.

Blogging is something that takes away a lot of this drama which I love! I truly dont think Animal Jam is a bad game. It has many positives it has just not had game designers that want to spend money to fix these problems. I hope you guys have enjoyed me telling you guys about my gaming life and I hope blogging is a new journey for me. Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “What I did before blogging… and how blogging has quite honestly become a new journey!

  1. I am sorry you have to deal with gaming drama. Drama of any kind stinks. One of the reasons I love WordPress is because it is such a supportive community and I hope you find that here! ❤

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    1. I definitely LOVE the community here. There has VERY RARELY been any drama on this site (as far as im concerned, I havent seen any yet ;P). Im excited for this new oppurtunity! Its just the beginning!

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      1. It really is! Enjoy it:)💗


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